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Summer of Sewing--Project Organization

One thing that I like to do is cut out several projects at one time. Because sometimes I'm in the mood to sew, but I don't want to spend the time gathering the fabric, deciding on accent fabrics, coordinating zippers, buttons, and snaps. So in order to remedy that, I cut out several projects in one session and keep them by my sewing machine to be ready to sew.
I'm sure there are lots of really great and elaborate ways to organize your sewing projects, but I'm aiming for simplicity here. Also I like to use what I have on hand. I was also getting ready to go out of town and considered taking my sewing machine and projects with me. Since I knew I wouldn't have all of my sewing supplies with me, I wanted to be sure that I would have everything needed to finish each project that I took with me.

After I cut out each project, I stored the pattern pieces and the fabric that I had cut into a gallon size zip top bag. Since these are digital sewing patterns, I made sure that each pattern was loaded on my iPad so I would have access to the sewing instructions as well. I also added notions to the bags that would be needed to finish each project--buttons, snaps, snap tool, elastic, interfacing, etc. 
As I was packing up my sewing machine, I made sure that I also packed coordinating thread for each project and extra bobbins and needles. Sure there would probably be a local shop nearby to purchase anything that I had forgotten, but my goal was to be totally prepared and not need to waste precious sewing time by needing to find a local shop.
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These are the projects that I prepped in advance of my trip (many of these patterns can be purchased at UpCraft Club):
I didn't end up taking my sewing machine on my weekend trip. But now I have several projects ready to go, and I can't wait to finish each project. Now I have everything together. The only problem I have now is choosing which project to sew next! What projects do you have on your sewing table?

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